17,000 of Hackney's most vulnerable residents still un-vaccinated

Hackney nurse draws up the covid-19 vaccine into a syringe

Data on Hackney’s vaccine rollout show that around 17,000 of the most at risk residents - those over 60 or clinically extremely vulnerable - are still unvaccinated. Meaning that they are at risk of serious illness, hospitalisation, and even death due to Covid-19.

Almost 900 million people worldwide have safely received at least one dose of the vaccine, including over 40 million people in the UK. 

Having both doses of the vaccines is the best protection against Covid-19.

By getting the vaccination you are not only protecting yourself, your loved ones but also the most vulnerable in the community by reducing the chances of spreading Covid-19 to others. 

About 1 in 3 people can be infected with no symptoms but still spread Covid-19 to the most vulnerable and getting vaccinated massively reduces this risk. 

Chris Lovitt, Deputy Director of Public Health
Cases are rising again, and we are seeing the Delta variant spread more easily through unvaccinated populations. This is a real worry for me, as we have 17,000 over 60s and clinically extremely vulnerable people in Hackney who are still not yet vaccinated. The data is clear, the majority of people now hospitalized with Covid-19 are unvaccinated. It is really important to get your vaccine to keep well.

The vaccine is your best protection from the virus, a virus we can now see causing illness even in younger people and in some people causing long term harm even a year later with long-covid. The vaccine not only protects yourself, but also protects those around you by reducing the chance of transmission. Book your Covid-19 vaccination and help keep Hackney safe.
Chris Lovitt, Deputy Director of Public Health

This warning from Public Health comes as Hackney saw a 56% increase in cases from the previous week. Reports show that cases of the Delta variant (previously known as the so-called Indian variant) are on the rise in the UK, with latest figures in the week to 2 June showing a total of 278 people with the Delta variant attended hospital emergency departments, and 94 people were admitted to hospital overnight. Most of those admitted had not been vaccinated.

Those aged 25 and over can now book their vaccination on the NHS portal or by calling 119. New appointments on the portal are updated regularly. 

There are also planned pop-up clinics taking place in Hackney, such as the Thursday clinics at St Leonard’s Hospital for those aged 40+ who need their first dose of the vaccine, or people who are due their second dose of Astrazeneca. Find out more.

Find out more information on the vaccination rollout and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the Council website.