Wilton Way parklets get thumbs up

Three new parklets have been installed by Hackney Council on Wilton Way, radically repurposing car parking spaces into green sitting areas and providing additional space for local cafes and restaurants.

Each parklet consists of a wooden platform and planters, with local businesses providing seating during the day. While they are used and maintained by businesses, the parklets are funded by the Council and available for passers-by to use.

Two new cycle parking parklets with shrubs and trees will also provide more bike spaces and greenery on the street.

The parklets have been installed as part of the Council’s ongoing commitment to reclaim road space from motor vehicles and rebuild a greener borough in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

 Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney

Seven in 10 Hackney households do not own a car, which is why we’re passionate about reclaiming space from motor vehicles for everyone.

Not only do these parklets give people somewhere to sit and relax, they also provide more space for local businesses to trade.

This is all part of our plans to rebuild a greener Hackney, and encourage people to walk, cycle and shop locally.

Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney

“It can only be beneficial to the community and to us as a business to have these parklets here.

“They give people more places to sit, help us as a business and provide more space on the pavement.

“I’ve seen them putting smiles on the faces of people in the area and they also help people enjoy the food and drink they’re getting from the great businesses along the road.”

Sam Clarke, Assistant Manager at Wilton Way Deli