Explore Hackney with a Wild Walk!

Three fun walks for children in Hackney to take their parents on


Check out Hackney Wild Walks - our new walking guide for children, with three fun walks around our beautiful borough. Which walk will you choose to do first?

  • Haggerston to Hoxton to see a giant snake and a mysterious stone circle
  • The Hackney Marshes and Kingsmead route to discover hidden playgrounds and the perfect spot for flying a kite
  • The Woodberry Down and West Reservoir walk to encounter wizards and watery wonders   

The walks will get young children interested in exploring Hackney on foot, and encourage them to be more active, but grown-ups will enjoy the adventures too.  

All three walks are printed in a special pull out in this week's Hackney Today newspaper. Or you can download each walk from the links on the right (best printed in colour on A3). 

If you enjoy your walk let us know on twitter using #HackneyWildWalks or on facebook - www.facebook.com/hackneyfis

The guide was produced as part of the Get Hackney Healthy campaign, supported by the Council and its partners. They were designed by Outdoor People, a local social enterprise that aims to make it easy for everyone to get outdoors, and inspired by Rocky Rambler's Wild Walks, courtesy of Colin Shelbourn.