Veronica Ryan OBE wins 2022 Turner Prize for Hackney Windrush Art Commission


Artist Veronica Ryan OBE, creator of the first Hackney Windrush Art Commission, has won the 2022 Turner Prize for work including her sculptures of Caribbean fruits in Hackney, the UK’s first public, permanent artwork honouring the Windrush Generation. 

The marble and bronze Custard Apple, Breadfruit and Soursop were unveiled in Hackney in October 2021 as part of Hackney Council’s commitment to support the Windrush Generation and recognise their contribution to life in Hackney and beyond. 

In 2018 Veronica Ryan, along with artists Thomas J Price, were commissioned to create two new individual public artworks celebrating and honouring Hackney’s Windrush Generation and symbolising the commitment from the borough to provide refuge and welcome to worldwide migrants.

At the time of the unveiling Veronica said: 

“It’s wonderful to be making permanent sculptures that represent a community in ways that are visible. I hope people love it. I hope they feel happy that it’s there, that it belongs to them and that it’s in their community to represent part of the local and wider culture of people who have travelled on the Windrush. I want different age groups to feel connected and to recognise themselves in the public work.”

Cllr Carole Williams, Cabinet Member for Employment, Human Resources and Equalities

Veronica’s sculptures are a proud symbol of the commitment the Council made to the Windrush Generation and those directly affected by the Windrush Scandal, along with their descendants. This important artwork represents our long history of welcoming migrants from across the world. It will remain a symbol of honour and respect to Hackney’s Windrush community for generations to come.

Cllr Carole Williams, Cabinet Member for Employment, Human Resources and Equalities