Update on Amhurst Road

1-5 Amhurst Road

Amhurst Road, E8 remains closed today from Mare St to the Pembury Junction, as work continues on the controlled demolition of the Victorian terrace at 1-5 Amhurst Road, which has become unstable and presents an immediate risk to the public.

Scaffolding is being erected at 5 Amhurst Road in preparation for the demolition of that part of the terrace. The building houses the Raw Duck restaurant and three residential properties. The first priority is for contractors to enter the premises and attempt the safe retrieval of belongings for the occupants of the building. This is likely to commence tomorrow, as scaffolding work continues throughout the day.

Following the demolition of number 5, an assessment will be made on whether the damage was contained to that one property, and whether it is possible to save 1-3 Amhurst Road, which houses the Cirrik restaurant and four other residential properties.

Hackney Council's priorities are the safety of the public and the welfare of the occupants of 1-5 Amhurst Road.

Amhurst Road will remain closed today and into the early part of next week. Bus routes are affected and motorists are advised to avoid the area due to heavy congestion. The London Overground is continuing to operate from Hackney Central as normal. Please check TFL website for updated transport information.


1-5 Amhurst Road is the surviving part of the Gibbons Building, a Victorian former department store that was partially destroyed by fire in 2003.