Unique opportunity to join Hackney Fairtrade Group and make a difference


Do you want to help promote Fairtrade in Hackney? Then take a unique opportunity being offered by the Council to be directly involved in improving how the borough does business.

Fairtrade is a commitment to a better deal for producers in developing countries and making sure they get a good price for a good product.

The Hackney Fairtrade Group was set up in 2008 to promote this ethos to local businesses and organisations, and help influence where they get their supplies.

Now the Council is recruiting new members of this volunteer steering group - you don’t need to have any background in business or Fairtrade, just simply an interest and enthusiasm for promoting the benefits locally.

Tasks of the group, which will meet at least three times a year, at times to be decided, will include:

  • Arranging local events and activities that promote Fairtrade in Hackney
  • Encouraging all sections of Hackney’s communities to support Fairtrade by thinking creatively about practical activities that keep Fairtrade in people’s minds
  • Promoting the benefits to businesses of stocking and using Fairtrade products and securing their support
  • Linking up with other boroughs and the Fairtrade Foundation
Cllr Jonathan McShane, Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture, Hackney Council
Hackney has been a proud advocate of Fairtrade for nearly seven years.

In that time, the Fairtrade steering group has led very successful campaigns to promote Fairtrade, including a Question Time debate, tasting sessions, civic events and numerous schools activities.

Being part of the group is a great opportunity to help our borough become a more responsible society and ultimately make a real difference to the lives of those in developing countries.

Cllr Jonathan McShane, Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture, Hackney Council

The Council would like to hold the first meeting of the group in the week beginning 19 January. If would like to take part in this, contact Joanne Blackwood at: joanne.blackwood@hackney.gov.uk or call: 020 8356 4959 by 13 January.Those interested in the role but unable to make the first meeting date are still being encouraged to get in touch.

Hackney achieved Fairtrade borough status in 2008, by hitting five goals set by the Fairtrade Foundation aimed at ensuring a better deal for farmers and workers in poorer countries.Fairtrade Fortnight, which sees a burst of activity aimed at promoting Fairtrade, is between 23 February and 8 March.Find out more about Fairtrade on the Fairtrade Foundation website here: Fairtrade Foundation

Information on the Council’s role and the steering group at Hackney Council Go Fairtrade