Unexploded WW2 bomb found in Hackney

Clissold Park was closed early on Sunday afternoon, 4 January, after an unexploded WW2 bomb was discovered in a nearby garden.

The controlled blast was caught on camera by the CCTV at Clissold House. You can watch the footage here.

The unexploded device, believed to be a live, high explosive-filled three inch mortar round - a short distance weapon and more than likely British - was found by a local resident, digging his garden at around 1pm. Police were called and they alerted the Council’s Duty Emergency Planning Officer (EPO).

On advice from the Metropolitan Police, Explosive Officers (EXPOs) moved the bomb as quickly as possible the nearest place, where it could be safely exploded. After an assessment the EPO decided that Clissold Park was the best place to take the 70-year old bomb. It is not uncommon to find undetonated bombs from World War II in London.

Park Rangers closed Clissold Park and the EXPOs took the bomb to an area in the park away from the animals. At around 3.30pm the bomb was safely detonated using a small amount of explosives. For the first time, Floodsax – a new development in flood control technology from Environmental Defence Systems Ltd - were used to cover the bomb and prevent any shrapnel flying about due to blast.

The Council’s Park Rangers were on-hand to ensure the welfare of the park’s wildlife and they helped the police clean up after detonation.

Floodsax are biodegradable and present no environmental risks, so any small amounts of residue will harmlessly degrade and enter the soil.