Hackney Central,

Towards a Hackney Central plan: share your ideas for the town centre

From tackling the climate crisis and building a fairer economy to supporting people’s wellbeing and celebrating Hackney Central’s unique culture, people who live or work in, or regularly visit Hackney Central, have been encouraged to share their ideas for projects to help deliver on the views of local people. 

Around 1,150 comments were made by people between October and December 2021 on the future of Hackney Central through public events, online surveys, one-to-one conversations and small workshops. This feedback has built on the Hackney Central Conversation in 2019, which saw 2,000 people share their views for the area, and will ensure the changes needed to accommodate new homes and jobs and reflect the needs of local people first.

The Council is now seeking innovative ideas to turn these views into reality as part of a ten-year vision for the area called the Hackney Central plan. Feedback is also sought on a range of ‘missions’ covering local character, the local economy, community wellbeing, sustainability, and development. Local people have a chance to respond to these and raise any concerns or questions as part of the next phase of engagement.

The Hackney Central plan will use the priorities set by the local community to create a shared vision for Hackney Central and a plan for how to get there. This aims to shape change in the growing town centre to safeguard what local people value most, support local businesses to continue thriving in a changing economy, and ensure local people are the first to benefit.

Alongside this, the Council has also launched a grant scheme, the Hackney Central Impact and Ideas Fund, which encourages businesses to apply for innovative small or large-scale projects to enable them to build economic and environmental resilience, as well as making a positive contribution to the town centre.

Fill out a two-minute survey to respond to the Hackney Central missions by 28 February, with the opportunity to win a £50 Hackney Empire voucher.