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The Growth Accelerator Event


Budding entrepreneurs can learn how to get their products stocked by top retailers at a free event supported by Hackney Council.

Hackney is partnering with Growth Accelerator for a free interactive event on 10 February aimed at helping to boost local businesses.

The event is free for Hackney-based companies, who will be able to meet and learn from a group of food and drink entrepreneurs and business owners, about how to get their products into premier retail stores across the UK.

I’ve been given a great opportunity in this blog to tell you (being a small to medium sized business) about a great free event called the Growth Accelerator that is aimed at providing the know-how on helping to grow, develop and make a business successful.

Let’s start with the facts – did you know that 73% of companies have said that growth plans had to go on hold due to lack of talent within the organisation? Further, the top 93% of companies use talent attraction and; of the companies that use talent attraction and talent management they are on average 60% more successful than their peers!

People are your greatest asset for a top business. Without the ability to attract and retain strong employees you’re your plans to grow your business won’t happen. Small to medium sized companies (SME) find it difficult to compete against larger businesses and often find it a real challenge or simply can’t attract the right talent. It’s even harder to keep them. Recruitment is time consuming and can be costly. In fact, the cost of turnover can be as much as 150% of the employee’s salary.

If you want to grow your business and want to eliminate the pain of staff headaches then the Growth Accelerator Event is for you.

Learn what your business needs to do to:

- Understand what staff and skills you really need to succeed

- How to develop your employee brand and Unique Selling Point’s that attract candidates to you

- How to develop a recruitment system that properly tests the candidates

- How to effectively on-board your candidates, provide induction and make sure that your new employees stick with you

- How to manage your staff effectively and reach your business goals

I’ll be speaking at the event and I look forwards to seeing some great businesses who have the potential to become even greater and more successful! 
Soraya Lavery of CPG Executive Consulting Ltd and speaker at the Growth Accelerator Event

To find out more about the event and to register, visit this visit the website www.greatbusiness.gov.uk/ga or email: yoni.stern@uk.gt.com.