Tenant? Landlord? Business? Have your say on privately-rented accommodation

Tenants and landlords of privately-rented homes in Hackney are being asked to take part in a survey of conditions and services.

HQN (Housing Quality Network) has been appointed by the Council as an independent body investigating the effects of a doubling of private rented properties in Hackney in the past decade, now numbering 32,000 homes.

After the evidence has been collected, the Council will consider whether or not introducing a further landlord licensing scheme might improve standards both for tenants and landlords, and also the kind of properties the scheme could apply to.

This follows on from a review by the Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission into the potential for further licensing of privately rented accommodation in 2013/14.

HQN needs to hear both from privately renting tenants and landlords, as well as others affected by privately rented accommodation, such as neighbours, or business such as lettings agents, in order to build up a strong body of evidence on how best to support and improve the management of privately rented properties in the borough.

Complete the survey

The deadline for completing the survey is 28 February. You can also request a hard copy from Sue Farrant of HQN on sue.farrant@hqnetwork.co.uk or call 01904 557150.