Teachers' strike: many schools due to close

Many schools will be closed tomorrow (1 February) following the decision by some teachers to go on national strike. 

There may also be strikes on 2, 15 and 16 March. 

The strikes have been called by teaching  trade union, the NEU, whose members voted in favour of action. 

It is up to individual schools and settings to decide whether they will be able to open whilst strike action is ongoing. The situation is likely to differ between schools. Many may close outright, whilst others will remain open to particular form groups, vulnerable pupils or exam year pupils.

Where possible, school leaders will do all they can to minimise the disruptions on pupils, and keep schools open. 

Your school will let you know directly if affected. If your school is open, it’s important that you still send your child to attend. 

Visit the Hackney Council’s website for the latest information about school closures, where we know them.