Taking action to tackle noisy neighbours

As part of Noise Action Week (23-27 May), Hackney Council is launching an extended out-of-hours Noise Service.

The Noise Service investigates complaints about noise caused by factors ranging from barking dogs and building sites to loud music from nightclubs, pubs and parties, and while the day service operates Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, in response to residents concerns and the rise in late-night noise support that the summer ushers in, the night service has been extended by an extra ten hours per week.

Residents and businesses can now contact the team between 8pm Thursday to 2am Friday; from 8pm Friday to 5am Saturday; from 9pm Saturday to 5am Sunday; and from 6.30pm Sunday to 2am Monday.

In addition to the extended hours, the Council has increased the number of teams investigating night noise nuisance at the weekends, and will have two additional night-duty officers. New powers have also been introduced, and the teams will now be able to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to anyone who has received a warning notice about late-night excessive noise but has not taken the actions set out within the warning to rectify.

Councillor Sophie Linden, Cabinet Member for Crime, Sustainability and Customer Services at the Council, says: "The extended hours of the Noise Service, coupled with the new powers the teams will be using, clearly demonstrate our commitment to protecting the peace and quiet of our residents. However, this initiative is not only about taking action against noisy neighbours – it’s also about educating residents and businesses about noise nuisance, and encouraging them to be more considerate to the needs of their neighbours."

For more information on noise nuisance - how to minimise it and how to report it - call 020 8356 4455, or see