Survive the rise in fuel bills: Call Hackney Council s Free Energy Advice Line

Hackney householders can take action to relieve the pain of dramatic gas and electricity price increases, by adopting a few energy saving measures which can help reduce energy bills.

This is the advice of Hackney Council s Energy Advice Line after British Gas announced plans to increase residential gas and electricity bills by 17%, just eight months after it raised its prices by 7%. This will add around £70 to the average annual dual fuel bill, which will increase from £1,010.00 to £1,180.00 as a result.

But by getting expert advice from the Energy Advice Line (0800 281 768) householders could save up to £200 a year in energy bills - and create a warmer home in the process.

Simple measures such as fitting radiator panels behind your radiators can help homes offset the latest energy price hikes, and even bigger savings can be made by insulating your loft and walls, draught proofing and putting in a more efficient heating system.

Other measures such as switching computers, televisions and videos off standby, or not leaving lights on unnecessarily, will not only save money by cutting down on electricity, they will also reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help the environment at the same time.

Hackney Council s Deputy Mayor, Cllr Sophie Linden said: “This advice line can help all of us cut down on the amount of energy we use and save money. The Hackney Energy Advice Line offers free tips on saving fuel, and can advise you if you are eligible for any financial grants which can help pay for making homes more energy efficient."

For free independent advice and information on discount schemes and grants contact Energy Advice Team on 0800 281 768 or email

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