Supporting rough sleepers

Some members of the local community have raised concerns about the welfare of an individual currently sleeping rough on Stoke Newington High Street, and we are doing everything we can to help them off the street and into a safe, secure place to live.

Every example of street homelessness is worrying, and in the overwhelming majority of cases we are able to support people into accommodation. As is often the case with people who find themselves on the streets, this is a sensitive and complicated situation. This person had until recently been living in a home provided by the Council. The Council is now supporting her to try and encourage her to accept alternative accommodation. 

A range of specialist services, including the Council’s street outreach team, have been working with the person to encourage her to engage with services, and move off the streets and back into accommodation. They are checking on this person’s welfare on a regular basis, working to gain her trust and – while we cannot force anyone to engage with offers of help – we are proactively encouraging her to accept support. This support includes a professional mental health practitioner skilled in dealing with rough sleepers.

It can take time to build trust with and encourage individuals to leave the streets, and during this time we would encourage residents to respect her right to privacy at this time. 

Nobody should be forced to sleep rough in Hackney. If you see someone bedding down outside, let our outreach workers know using the Street link app and our team will be out to find them and offer accommodation.

Rough sleeping – how you can help

The four steps give residents simple steps to make a positive difference and help people they see sleeping rough.

Talk: A smile or ‘hello’ can make a big difference, to help someone feel less invisible and part of the community

Tap: Help financially by donating £3 to Tap London’s contactless donation points - money goes to the Mayor of London’s rough sleeping fund, which supports local charities. You can also donate online at www.taplondon.org or support the Hackney Winter Night Shelter

Time: Find out about local volunteering opportunities at hackney.gov.uk/rough-sleeping

Tell: If you see someone bedding down outside, let our outreach workers know via the Streetlink app (streetlink.org.uk) or direct them to the Greenhouse in Tudor Road, E9, the Council’s one stop shop for advice and services for people facing homelessness.