Supporting East London Waterworks Park

Statement of support for East London Waterworks Park, a community-led campaign to create a ‘brownfield rainforest’ at the ex-Thames Water Depot on Lea Bridge Road in Waltham Forest, near the border with Hackney.

It is really exciting to imagine the transformation of the former Thames Water Depot off Lea Bridge Road into a new, community-owned East London Waterworks Park.

Just over the borough boundary in Hackney, we are committed to working together with community partners and building a fairer, greener future. As such we warmly welcome this vision of sustainability, decarbonisation and nature recovery.

Bringing back open water and returning this site to nature would offer Hackney and Waltham Forest residents greater access to green and blue infrastructure.

It will extend the wildlife corridor along the River Lea, connecting East London Waterworks Park with Springfield Park, Millfields Park, Hackney Marshes, Wick Woodland and beyond. We know we need community partnership across London to become green and resilient, and this project would set a truly inspiring precedent.

Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville, and Cabinet Member for Families, Parks and Leisure, Cllr Caroline Woodley