Support for Ukrainian refugees: community meeting

Hackney Town Hall Ukraine flag

Hackney residents who want to support refugees arriving in the UK from the ongoing Ukrainian crisis - and find out more about the role they can play through the Homes for Ukraine scheme - are being invited to attend an online community meeting hosted by the Council on Tuesday 29 March. 

Following the Government’s launch of the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme last week, there are three routes available to refugees who wish to come to the UK: the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, the Ukraine Family Scheme; and, through work. 

All refugees arriving from the Ukraine under these schemes will be able to apply for benefits and seek employment. 

Local authorities like Hackney will play a significant role in supporting Government resettlement schemes, and the Council will work closely with residents and community organisations to connect those who have spare rooms or homes with groups that could act as the main sponsor, and those who could help with fundraising. The Council is also participating in the Government’s resettlement programmes for Afghan refugees. 

Next week’s event will focus on the support - including accommodation and fundraising - that local people are able to offer. 

Under the Government’s Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme, anyone with a spare bedroom or home can register their interest to prove a home for those from the Ukraine who wish to come to the UK. 

The Council will offer support to: 

  • Provide a reception to support short-term arrival needs
  • Complete safeguarding checks to ensure accommodation is suitable
  • Manage interim payments for guests - to cover costs until they are able to access further support
  • Provide education places
  • Refer to specific public health services where necessary
  • Support guests to access local employment opportunities, including Job Centre appointments
  • Administer the compensation payment to sponsors of Ukrainian guests. 

Next week’s online sessions will take place at 4.30-6.30pm on Tuesday 29 March. Residents, organisations and community representatives who wish to attend should register here.  

Ukrainian community information event 

Praxis is also partnering with Hackney Council for Voluntary Service (HCVS) to hold a specific information event for the Ukrainian community in the HCVS Conference Room at 1-4pm on Tuesday 5 April at HCVS, The Adiaha Antigha Centre, 24-30 Dalston Lane, London E8 3AZ. This event will provide an opportunity for those impacted by the crisis in the Ukraine to get one-off personalised advice with a qualified immigration adviser on immigration issues (for themselves or family members) and to find out more about local services and organisations that can help.

This is an opportunity to find out information on the following:

  • Helping family member setting to the UK
  • Helping family and friends access support when they arrive  
  • Help with new visa changes

To stay updated with the Council’s response to the refugee crisis please visit this page: https://hackney.gov.uk/refugees