Skip a licence, face a fine


Hackney Council is reminding skip companies to have correct permissions or licenses in place or they could face a substantial fine.

The Council’s warning follows court action taken against Wise Skip Hire Limited of 10 Hallett Road in Dunmow, Essex, who were found guilty at Thames Magistrates Court in January for putting a skip on the public highway without permission from the Council. The prosecution led to a fine of £3,250 and £1,830 in costs.

All skip companies operating in the borough must ensure that they have a licence in place when a skip is put on the correct and agreed part of the public highway.

The owner of any unlicensed skips found on the public highway will be fined up to £1,000 under the Highways Act 1980, and can be subject to possible prosecution as the skip will be seen as a highway obstruction. Having a license is a legal requirement under the Act and is enforced nationally.

The Council also needs to be made aware if a license needs to be renewed or extended before it expires and approval from the Council must also be given if parking needs to be suspended when a skip is put in place.

Residents and businesses are also being encouraged to ask a skip company, when hiring a skip, that they have approval or a license to help ensure that best practice is being followed.

Cllr Caroline Sellman, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Enforcement
Hackney Council takes a strict approach to unlicensed skips on the public highway, it is against the law and can be extremely dangerous if emergency services need to use, or park, on the highway which is then found to be blocked by an unlicensed skip or one without permission to be there. These requirements for skip companies are clear and are for the benefit and safety of everyone who lives or works in the borough. The Council won’t hesitate to issue fines or take court action if skip businesses are found to be flouting the law.
Cllr Caroline Sellman, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Enforcement

For more information and to apply for a skip license, visit the Council's website.