Shoreditch Park Primary celebrates Universal Children's Day

Representatives from the School Counil, Green Team and Rights Respecting School group spoke to Deputy Mayor Bramble

Pupils at Shoreditch Park Primary gave a presentation to Deputy Mayor Bramble on Universal Children's Day this week, where they spoke about the UNs convention on children’s rights and how they promote this as a Rights Respecting School.

Representatives from the schools Green Team, School Council, Rights Respecting Group and Aspire Ambassadors also took part in a question and answer session with the Deputy Mayor discussing her role at the Council, children’s right to a good education and the rights of child refugees.




It was great to hear such an articulate argument from the young pupils at Shoreditch Park, on why rights for children are so important. Their awareness and concern for fellow children across the world was very moving. Seeing such great compassion from Hackney’s next generation of residents was sincerely uplifting.
Cllr Anntoinette Bramble, Deputy Mayor of Hackney

November 20 has marked Universal Children’s Day since the 90s when the UN General Assembly adopted both the declaration and the convention on children's rights. As well as giving a presentation on the convention to Deputy Mayor Bramble the children had also written to MPs and the Mayor of Hackney to advocate for universal education and rights for child migrants.

Head teacher, Penny Smith said: “The children benefitted immensely from meeting Deputy Mayor Bramble and gained an insight into local democracy, which has further ignited a passion for developing their voice and progress as a Rights Respecting School.”

As well as being a centre of excellence for Inclusion, Shoreditch Park Primary School is part of the UNICEF Rights Respecting School initiative that teaches children about their rights and how they can improve their local community and advocate for children cross the world.

Roderick, a member of the Green Team and Year 5 pupil at Shoreditch Park Primary said: “I like going to Shoreditch Park because we always try our best to help people so when I am older I will have the confidence to help other people in the community.”

Find out more about Shoreditch Park and their Rights Respecting School programme by visiting the Shoreditch Park Primary website. The school is also hosting two open days on 13 December and 10 January at 6pm.