'Shhh Hackney' people are sleeping

'Shhh Hackney'

Hackney Council is reminding people on a night out in Hackney to ‘Shhh’ and spare a thought for the people that live in the area.

Hackney has a reputation for being the heart of London's cultural scene - a reputation that the Council is proud of. Hackney is home to some of the hottest bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants in London, especially around Shoreditch and Dalston. The Council wants people to come and enjoy their night out in Hackney but be mindful of the neighbours. Nighttime noise and other anti social behaviour remains a real issue for residents, most of whom are trying to sleep come the early hours.

The Council and the Police have been working hard towards striking a balance between a prosperous nighttime economy and quality of life for residents.

Over the last three years calls to the Police about anti social behaviour in Shoreditch between 8pm and 8am on 101 have reduced by 39 per cent, but there is still more to be done.

In 2011/12, there were 127 calls, with 57 per cent coming between 8am and 8pm. In 2012/13, 104 calls were made and 59 per cent were between 8pm and 8am. In 2013/14, 78 calls were made and 55 per cent came between 8pm and 8am.

Cllr Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Hackney Council
Hackney is one of the popular places for a night out in London and the Council is proud of the borough’s reputation as a nighttime destination. We want people to enjoy everything that Hackney’s popular nightlife has to offer, but please spare a thought for the residents that live nearby, many with young families who are trying to sleep.
Cllr Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Hackney Council

The Council is working with the Police, bars, pubs, restaurants and event promoters to encourage people to have fun and not disturb people who live nearby when they are out and about in Hackney.

Superintendent Andy Walker from Hackney Police, said: "Hackney has a well-earned reputation for its vibrant nightlife, which is something to celebrate. However, we know the misery that can be caused for people who live in the borough if they are constantly subjected to anti-social behaviour from people heading home after a night out. Whilst the police will robustly target drunken anti-social behaviour, a little thought and consideration from people leaving bars and clubs can go a long way to solving this problem."

Hackney Council is also advising people to avoid falling victim to thieves that target bags and phones by using bag clips and cloakrooms where possible.

People heading home should also think about getting home. Plan their route in advance, make sure someone knows where they are going and what time they expect to be back. Never get into an unlicenced cab. The Cabwise app can be downloaded for free. There are also marshalled taxi ranks near 333 Club (opposite Shoreditch Town Hall), outside McDonalds at Liverpool Street Station.

Other ways to check travel plans include bus checker, Tube Deluxe and the Trainline. Calls can also be made to Transport for London on 020 7222 1234.

Anyone wanting to report noise nuisance should call Hackney Council on 020 8356 4455 or; email: pollutionsupport@hackney.gov.uk For more information visit managing noise.

Out of hours times are: Thursday : 6.30pm - 2am, Friday: 9pm - 5am, Saturday 9pm - 5am and Sunday 6:30pm - 2am.

Anti social behaviour should be reported to the Police on 101 and 999 should always be called in an emergency.