Share your views on Hackney's night-time economy

Hackney Town Hall

Residents, businesses and visitors are being invited to share their views on Hackney's growing nightlife as part of ongoing work to balance the needs of those affected by it.

The consultation, which runs until 17 July 2016, is the Council's latest way of gaining insight into people's experiences of the night-time economy, and asks for views on Hackney in the evening (from 6pm-midnight) and night time (midnight-6am).

The Council would like to understand what residents and visitors like, or don't like, about Hackney's nightlife; how often, and why, they visit areas like Shoreditch and Dalston; and if there are any aspects to the night-time economy that they think need improving.

Our night-time economy is really important to us. Its growth has contributed to wider economic benefits and to making Hackney a vibrant, creative place with a worldwide reputation, but it can also attract antisocial behaviour, which has a real impact on the quality of life of some of our residents.

The proposals contained in our draft licensing policy published last year caused concerns with some people, so this time we've promised to take more time to listen and spend more time finding out people's views, so that we can try to shape a policy that works for both those who enjoy and contribute to our thriving night-time economy, but also our residents, who have a right to not be disturbed by it.

This is just one part of a wider piece of work we're doing around alcohol licensing and the night-time economy. Earlier this year we held a successful round table event with over 50 residents and licensees and, alongside the consultation and independent studies, feedback gathered there will help to shape our approach to the night time economy in Hackney. It's important we get this right, so I'd encourage anyone with an interest to get involved.
Kim Wright, Group Director, Neighbourhoods and Housing

The consultation is available online at: www.hackney.gov.uk/licensing