Shaping tomorrow's Shoreditch

The Council has published a new Area Plan that guides investment and new development in Shoreditch whilst supporting communities and enhancing Shoreditch’s unique character. The Future Shoreditch Area Plan will shape new development in the area and is an example of the Council using its powers to influence development in our borough.

Shoreditch is part of London’s central business district that also includes the Square Mile and the West End. The area has grown rapidly over the past 30 years and it has successfully established itself as the UK’s Tech City, becoming an international centre for technology, culture and creativity. It is an attractive place to live and set up a business and whilst this has created great opportunities for many people, it has also led to increased competition for space which is driving up the cost of rents.

Last year, the Council asked local residents and businesses what they thought was good or bad about living and working in Shoreditch. The feedback showed increasing demand for more workspace, unaffordable rents and a lack of public spaces were all identified as being of concern. Of the things that were valued, one was the unique character and heritage of the area, and the other was the diverse nightlife.

The Shoreditch Area Plan sets out a range of measures aimed at addressing what is bad and supporting what is good. From supporting a growing economy to increasing the delivery of more affordable workspace and housing in the area; to protecting its built heritage and supporting Shoreditch’s London Plan designation as a ‘specialist area for arts, culture and entertainment’.

The Area Plan sets out to:

  • Deliver growth that benefits all: the Council will continue to support a growing economy creating new jobs in Shoreditch in different sectors including retail, hospitality, cultural & creative industries, creative tech and the arts.

  • Tackle affordability: the Council will ensure that affordable workspace and homes are delivered within new developments.

  • Support a diverse economy: an accessible day, evening and night-time economy and balancing this with the needs of people who live and work in Shoreditch.

  • Protect Shoreditch’s special urban character: through high quality and innovative urban design and encouraging world-class architecture.

  • Enhancing the quality of life: promoting sustainable transport, developing a greener built environment and creating new public spaces.

Cllr Guy Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Planning, Business, Investment and Culture
Shoreditch has grown to become the UK’s Tech City. Its unique community and its heritage is why so many of us want to live, work and for some, base their businesses here. But Shoreditch is also home to many different communities and to ensure Shoreditch remains successful and unique investment and growth must be curated sensitively.

This Area Plan sets out to do just that, it protects the things that matter most, such as Shoreditch’s character whilst continuing to attract new talent and sustain the local economy.  Please do find a moment to have a look at the plan and let the Council know if you think it’s a plan that can embrace the new, enhance the best of today and shape a great Future Shoreditch.
Cllr Guy Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Planning, Business, Investment and Culture

Once adopted, the Future Shoreditch Area Plan will provide a Planning policy framework to manage new development in the area over the next 15 years.

To view the Future Shoreditch Area Plan and to have your say on the proposals, please visit: https://futureshoreditch.commonplace.is/