Second annual Hackney Mayor's Question Time


Almost 100 residents and business owners turned out to raise their issues and ideas with the Mayor during the second annual Hackney Mayor’s Question Time.

The event, in the Council Chamber, on Monday (26), was streamed live on YouTube and saw Mayor Philip Glanville respond to questions covering a wide range of topics for two hours.

Areas covered included: the housing crisis, social housing, temporary accommodation and the private rented sector; domestic violence; young people, opportunities, and their physical and mental health; crime and antisocial behaviour; licensing; public consultations; new communities, different priorities and social cohesion; the environment, tree planting, air quality, electric cars and parking; Universal Credit; and support for people with disabilities.

The event was chaired by Dr Melissa Butcher - long-term Hackney resident and lecturer at Birkbeck University, where she researches how cities change and the impact on communities.

She writes regularly on issues relating to gentrification, diversity and social cohesion, and has been working with young people in Hackney to create films and reports as part of the Creating Hackney as Home project.

Melissa said: “It was great to see the range of questions. There’s clearly a need for this kind of event, particularly given the intensity of social change that we’ve seen in Hackney. It’s important that residents are able to give voice to their concerns and be listened to.”

Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney
There’s been a lot of change in Hackney and we face many challenges as a borough and as a Council. We need to have open and honest discussions so the Council can explain its vision and work, people can share their thoughts and ideas, and we can all work together to keep Hackney a great place to live for everyone.

“What particularly struck me was the diversity in the room, which was fantastic to see. It was a real microcosm of Hackney, with people of many ages, ethnicities and cultures having their say on what matters to them; whether a specific problem in their street or complex issues of society. It’s all important.
Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney

Watch the Quetsion Time on the Council's YouTube channel.