Scrutiny launches tenant participation review in Hackney

A review has been launched in Hackney to look at how social housing tenants can work more effectively with their landlords.

The Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission is spearheading the tenant participation review, which will examine how tenants can improve their living conditions through better engagement with social housing landlords. As part of the review, the commission will also make recommendations about how tenants can have a greater say in decisions affecting their homes.

Members of the commission are now speaking to people who live in properties managed by Hackney Homes, housing associations, Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) and leaseholders in council properties. At the same time, the commission is looking at the role of Tenant Resident Associations (TRAs) and what impact they have across the borough.

Councillor Philip Glanville, Chair of the Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission, said: “This review comes at a time when the spotlight is firmly focused on social housing. We know that tenants in Hackney want improvements and greater input into the decisions that impact on their living conditions and we want to hear their views on how this can be done.

“With that in mind, the Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission wants to hear from local residents about how they want to engage with their landlord and we will be making recommendations to improve tenants’ quality of life.”

During the review, the commission will be visiting other London boroughs, which have proven track records in terms of engaging with tenants. Following these visits, the commission will look at the possibility of introducing similar ways of working in Hackney.

The commission is very keen to hear tenants’ experiences of living in social housing. They should contact 020 8356 3341 or e-mail: before Friday, 1 October 2010.

Residents are also welcome to attend the Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission meetings on Tuesday, 21 September and Tuesday, 12 October 2010.

A full report with recommendations of the tenant participation review will be published in January 2011.