Results of Broadway Market transport study

Broadway Market’s narrow width and demands on the space as a pedestrian shopping street, through road, place for loading and unloading and as a cycle route, can lead to conflict between different road users and high maintenance costs.

Earlier this year Sustrans spoke to visitors, residents and businesses to understand the issues concerning local traffic flow in Broadway Market and the junction with Westgate Street. The data will be used to inform possible interventions to improving the route for the benefit of pedestrians, cyclists and the local community in line with the Council’s corporate plan and transport strategy objectives.

Summary of findings


  • 65% of respondents feel that there is too much traffic on Broadway Market and 58% feel that vehicle speeds are too fast.
  • 82% of respondents stated that they would support solutions to reduce traffic in the area
  • 90% of respondents would support solutions to improve conditions for walking and cycling.


  • London Fields crossing: The most commonly raised issue was the junction of Westgate Street, Lansdowne Drive and Broadway Market, which is the area respondents feel is most unpleasant to cross.
  • Managing space on the street: The second most common issue raised related to the whole street feeling too narrow for the combination of bidirectional traffic, parked cars and high volumes of cyclists and pedestrians. Respondents described cyclists and vehicles using/ being pushed onto the pavement, facilitated by the flush kerb, and encouraged by parked cars and oncoming traffic reducing the street width.
  • Many respondents said that cyclists travel too fast along Broadway Market.
  • Many respondents feel that Broadway Market lacks pedestrian crossing points.
  • Hackney Council stated that the most common issue raised to them directly relates to pavement parking
  • The Broadway Market Traders Association stated that cyclists using the pavement on market days is a cause for concern.


  • Reducing traffic: The most common suggestion from respondents was to reduce traffic on Broadway Market. This consisted of either closing the road to through traffic, making it one way, or pedestrianizing it entirely.
  • Parking: The second most common suggestion for improvement was the reduction or removal of parking.
  • Many respondents would like to see a signalised or cycle crossing at London Fields crossing.
  • Many respondents mentioned a cycle lane to segregate cyclists from pedestrians and cars, and slowing speeds of vehicles on Broadway Market.
  • Many respondents would like to see more seating, greenery and cycle parking on Broadway Market.

What happens next

The second phase of the engagement exercise will draw on the outcome of this initial exercise and we will engage with local stakeholders about possible interventions. The proposals for Broadway Market will take into consideration the proposals coming forward from the London Fields traffic management scheme.