Response to threatened closure of Ridley Road Shopping Village

Hackney Town Hall

In response to recent news stories about the closure of Ridley Road Shopping Village, the Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville, explains how the Council is supporting businesses affected by the owner’s decision to close:


I am appalled at the actions of the market owners. The letter they have sent business owners is misleading and a betrayal of hard working local businesses. They have chosen to use a Community Protection Notice as an excuse to close the market early and damage a number of small businesses, rather than act as a responsible owner and work with tenants and the police to drive down anti-social behaviour.

I absolutely recognise that residents may see the closure as another symptom of the wider change taking place in Dalston, and will have concerns about how the area’s character is affected and whether local people will benefit. I have written to the owners and operators of the market asking them to stop its closure especially as, contrary to some reports, no planning permission to change this building has been granted.

We have been talking to the local ward councillors in Dalston who are concerned about the traders, and exploring what direct support we can offer these affected businesses. For example, we’ve contacted all of the traders to offer them market stalls in the street market. We will fast track applications from anyone who wishes to take up this offer, and give them a 50% discount for the first six months - so far three traders have taken this up. For those who are unable to trade from the market, we will help them to explore other options.

We’ve already started a conversation with the Dalston community about how we can manage the changes taking place - many of which are beyond the Council’s control - with pledges to champion existing businesses, protect Ridley Road Market and secure affordable workspaces. The threatened closure of Ridley Road Shopping Village shows why we need to hear the voices and views of everyone who lives, works and visits Dalston so that we can continue developing a plan that puts the local community’s priorities first.
Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney


The Community Protection Notice (CPN) did not require the Shopping Village to close - that decision has been made by the owners.

The Council was not involved in the CPN issued by the Police which required the Shopping Village owners to take specific actions, including:

  • Install crime prevention measures within Ridley Road Shopping Village. This could include, but not limited to CCTV extension, security patrols

  • Employ a fit and proper person to act as a supervisor within the Ridley Road Shopping Village, with responsibility to oversee weekly inspections of premises and escalate issues to Ridley Shopping Village Limited.

  • Not lock the fire escape during operating hours.

Hackney Council is stepping in to support local businesses affected by the Shopping Village owners decision to close months earlier than originally agreed.

  • We have sent a letter to all businesses affected by the closure, offering them a market stall in the street market next door.

  • We are fast tracking applications for these stalls to be approved

  • We will provide a 50% discount for traders wishing to take up this offer, thus minimising any loss of trade from displacement.

  • For businesses where a market stall would not be appropriate, we are investigating other retail units with our property team.

Residents can take part in the Dalston Conversation at: https://dalstonconversation.commonplace.is/