Response to Estate redevelopment - Have things improved under the current Mayor?

The Council has responded to London Assembly Member Siân Berry's report: Estate redevelopment - Have things improved under the current Mayor?

Deputy Mayor Cllr Rebecca Rennison, Cabinet Member for Finance, Housing Needs and Supply, said: “These figures differ starkly from our own and we would welcome the chance to review these together with the methodology used.

“We’ve always been clear that the only reason for our estate based regeneration programmes is to deliver the modern, world-class housing our residents deserve, ensuring all residents on the estates we look to rebuild have the right to return. Alongside the hundreds of additional Council homes we’re delivering on underused Council land, our in-house, not-for-profit approach is producing a net increase of new Council housing and better homes for Council tenants. 

“We are also going further on estate ballots, with a pilot currently underway that delivers on our manifesto commitment to ensure that those residents who face seeing their existing home demolished get the final say on whether this goes ahead, together with the guarantee of a right to return to a new home. This will apply regardless of whether a scheme is funded through the GLA or directly by ourselves.

“It seems a shame that – when Assembly Member Berry agrees on the importance of social housing and the need for more of it – we can’t unite in tackling the actual root of the problem by challenging the government on both its failure to deliver meaningful funding for new social rent homes and it’s continued attack on Council housing. In the meantime, alongside continuing to campaign for the government investment urgently required, we will continue to build the social housing our residents need."