Residents told to check for dangerous frozen fish

Environmental Health officers are warning Hackney residents to check their freezers for any Allan Rich Seafood products. There are serious concerns that frozen fish, which is up to 10 years old but carrying false ‘best before’ dates, is being sold in the borough.

The advice follows a shocking discovery of 200 tonnes of fish, deemed unfit for human consumption at the Allan Rich Seafood’s depot in Lincoln. Inspectors found scallops, tiger prawns and exotic parrot fish which were crawling with maggots and partly eaten by rats.

As soon as the discovery was made, Hackney’s environmental health officers did a sweep of all registered food businesses in the borough. 500kg of Allan Rich Seafood products were seized and destroyed from one shop.

Anyone who finds they do have food from Allan Rich Seafood’s should return it to the supplier and notify environmental health team. Residents or restaurant owners should also contact the team immediately if they see any Allan Rich products on sale which have the health mark GR010.

Cllr Alan Laing, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods said: “The discovery of this rancid fish from what was considered a reputable supplier is shocking and has environmental health officers all over the country concerned. Our officers have acted quickly to take them out of the market but we need residents and business owners to be vigilant and look out for these products.”

For further information call environmental health on 020 8356 4911.