Residents back Hackney s Adult Social Care services

Residents have given Hackney’s Adult Social Care service the thumbs up according to the latest survey results.

The Council s Adult Social Care department is responsible for providing care and support to adults and older people across the borough.

Around 740 services users were questioned and the resulting feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with over 76% of respondents measuring their social care related quality of life as ‘good’. This considered areas of care such as control, personal care, food and drink, comfort and cleanliness of the home, feeling safe, social contact, spending time doing things of value or enjoyment and feeling good about oneself. Those with learning disabilities felt they had the highest quality of life with 84.9%.

62.3% of respondents were satisfied with our services – the highest score when preliminarily benchmarked with six other local authorities. Those with learning disabilities rated their satisfaction levels as 96.7%.

The Council also scored well in terms of providing good access to information, with 70.3% of our respondents saying that information on services was easy to find.

Cllr Jonathan McShane, Cabinet Member for Health and Community Services, said: “Our Adult Social Care service is one the Council’s most important as it deals with some of the borough’s most vulnerable residents. To learn that the majority of people that responded felt positively about their care indicates that they feel the Council is helping them to experience a good quality of life.”

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