Rent waived and deferred for Council’s charity and commercial tenants


Charities and businesses in Hackney Council buildings will be offered further rent holidays and support as part of a package to support the local economy as lockdown measures are eased. 

Around 50 charities and voluntary sector tenants will receive at least a further one-month rent-free period throughout July, following a three-month holiday from April to June this year worth £62,000. 

The Council has offered tailored agreements with 300 other commercial tenants – including further rent deferrals, changes to leases and additional support – as they start to reopen, following an automatic three-month deferral from April to June.

Other support for all businesses in Hackney has included: 

  • Around £60million in emergency coronavirus grants paid to more than 4,000 businesses
  • A new £3.4m discretionary fund for other firms, with applications now being processed
  • Business rates relief for nearly all businesses in Hackney 
  • Advice and support from the Council’s Hackney Business Network, including free social distancing materials and information packs
  • Using all the conversations we have had with businesses to improve our response and advocate on behalf of local businesses for more support from Government
Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville
Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, I have made clear our commitment to supporting local businesses, who have been adversely affected due to their loss of trade and activity, with many facing the real risk of trade not returning. Local businesses are a vital part of our community which is why the Council have repeatedly pushed the Government for a range of support measures for local businesses so that they can remain afloat. 

Our voluntary and community sector have really proven to be a lifeline during these unprecedented times, we have forged new partnerships across the borough and the support they have given to vulnerable people has undoubtedly touched many lives.

I am pleased that the Council will be building upon the support we offered our own commercial and voluntary sector tenants, by working individually with them to see what tailored support they require. 

From extending the rent-free period for our VCS tenants to offering tailored rent support for our commercial tenants, we will continue to work with our Council tenants in the coming weeks and months ahead to address the challenges they face at what continues to be an unprecedented time.
Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville

The Council has begun contacting all commercial and voluntary sector tenants directly to discuss what additional assistance they may require, including with their rental payments in order for them to remain viable, with likely outcomes including further rent deferrals and renegotiations of lease terms to reduce rents going forward. 

For general information and updates on the Council's response to the coronavirus and for links providing details of available support and advice, visit hackney.gov.uk/support-for-business and Hackney’s Business Network

For a list of currently available funding opportunities available for Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations in Hackney to mitigate the effects of coronavirus, isit, hackney.gov.uk/coronavirus-funding-support