Potential new station entrance for Hackney Central


A second entrance for Hackney Central station is being explored as part of a joint project between the Council and Transport for London. 

The proposals would see a Council owned site on 231 - 237 Graham Road turned into a second entrance to alleviate congestion at the current entrance and path on Amhurst Road, and the footbridge between the platforms.

There has been a 160% increase in use of the North London Line and this is expected to rise a further 35-40% by 2031. During peak times, or when two trains arrive at the same time, the platforms, station entrance and foot bridge can get overcrowded.

The Council and TfL have agreed in principle to contribute to the scheme and work together with Network Rail on the project. Initial feasibility work has started and ground investigations are expected to begin in October. Depending on feasibility work and funding arrangements, construction of the second entrance may start next year. 

The need to improve Hackney Central station is a regular theme in the Council’s ongoing Hackney Conversation listening exercise. People think it’s too small, too congested and some feel unsafe. Others even prefer to walk to other stations.


As anyone who regularly uses Hackney Central Station knows, it is often overcrowded and frustratingly busy, and the current single entrance and narrow footway is no longer fit-for-purpose. If the number of passengers continues to rise as expected, overcrowding is only going to increase and could become dangerous. 

While increased passenger numbers at Hackney Central Station is good news, demonstrating the increasing popularity of clean public transport - which is central to the Council’s ambitions for reducing polluting car use in the borough, this means that the time has now come to deliver the upgrade that the station desperately needs.

Hackney Central is now classified as one of London’s major town centres and the priority of the Council and TfL is to improve the station so it’s effective and remains safe for the thousands of people who use it every day, as well as the projected increase in use. A second entrance is an essential part of that. It’s great that, by working together and sharing resources, we’re able to provide this much needed new infrastructure for Hackney.

Cllr Jon Burke, Cabinet Member for Energy, Waste, Transport and Public Realm
We continue to work closely with the London Borough of Hackney and Network Rail on plans for a second entrance at Hackney Central station. It will provide customers with quicker and easier access to the station, something that is especially needed during the busiest times.
Rory O’Neill, TfL’s General Manager for London Overground