Police and Council obtain first Hackney gang injunction

Hackney Police and Hackney Council have together secured the borough s first gang injunction.

Gang injunctions came into force in January 2011, and give councils and police new powers to place tough conditions on the behaviour of adult individuals involved in gang-related violence.

The injunction, granted on 30 August at West London Magistrates Court, was pursued through the local Integrated Gangs Intervention Project (IGIP), a unique partnership that co-locates Hackney Police, the Council, London Probation Trust and Hackney Homes to share knowledge, skills and information about certain individuals involved in gang activity in the borough.

Under the Hackney injunction, the individual is prohibited from visiting the borough without the written permission of the Council and police. They are also prohibited from associating with known gang members, and from using the internet to encourage or facilitate violence. Part of the injuction also places an order on the individual to attend regular meetings with an IGIP officer and to apply for Job Seeker s Allowance.

Deputy Mayor of Hackney, Councillor Sophie Linden says: "We are committed to working alongside our partners to reduce serious violence and gang activity in the borough. This injunction is the first of its kind in Hackney, and we will continue to explore all avenues and use all powers available to us to take action against criminals and to make our streets safer."

Partnership Superintendent for Hackney Police, Rob Jones, adds: "We are determined to end the damage that street gangs cause our communities. The injunctions are one of many ways in which the police, Hackney Council and our partners are working with those involved in gang activity to change their behaviour and stop them from being involved in violence."