Over half of waste people in Hackney throw away could be recycled


Over half of the waste people throw away at home in Hackney could be recycled or composted, research by Hackney Council has shown, as it marks this year’s Recycle Week (23-29 September).

The figures released show that of the estimated 500 tonnes of waste each household throws away each year, 250 tonnes could be recycled or composted.

The Council is encouraging people to increase the amount they recycle, whether that’s by using green sacks - or communal recycling bins with orange lids if they live on estates - for recyclable paper, card and plastics or blue food recycling bins.

Increasing the amount people recycle will mean that less waste is sent to be incinerated - reducing the borough’s impact on the planet.

Taking up food waste recycling by using the Council’s lockable blue caddies also stops household bins from smelling and stops foxes from ripping bin bags open to find food.

Cllr Jon Burke, Cabinet Member for Energy, Waste, Transport and Public Realm
Reducing the amount we consume and recycling more of our waste are some of the things Hackney residents can do now to help tackle the climate emergency. We know local people are recycling more than ever, but when more than half of the waste people throw away can be recycled, there’s much more we can all do. I’d urge people to have a look at the Council’s website to find out what they can do to recycle more and find out about the big changes the Council is making to ensure it’s a leader in recycling and waste reduction.
Cllr Jon Burke, Cabinet Member for Energy, Waste, Transport and Public Realm

The Council is also supporting a community litter pick run by Plastic Free Hackney, which takes place on 29 September. People can sign up at: https://plasticfreehackney.com/event/litter-pick-hackney-council-recycle-week-urban-rewilding-project/ 

The Council will be sharing tips on what can and can’t be recycled on its social media accounts during Recycle Week. People can visit @hackneycouncil on Twitter or Hackney Council on Facebook or visit the Council website to find out more.