New Deer for Clissold Park

deer clissold park 2

One of the most popular features of Clissold Park is the collection of animals, including an aviary, goats and a small herd of fallow deer.

Deer have lived in the park since 1890, just one year after the Park was opened. Fallow deer typically live for around 10-12 years and several of ours are now getting quite old, so every few years new deer are brought in to replace older ones. We have a non-breeding herd, which means that there are no natural replacements for the elderly deer.

This winter, the herd will be examined by our specialist deer vet, and some of the older deer will be selected for relocation. Before they are removed, five young deer will be introduced to the herd as replacements.

The older deer will be moved by specialists, under the supervision of the vet, and taken to a private deer park in Devon to live out the rest of their natural lives in a quiet environment where there is much less disturbance than in Clissold Park.