New and Old sonnets at Shoreditch Library

Hackney will be marking the 446th anniversary of the birth of renowned English bard William Shakespeare with a performance of new and old sonnets at Shoreditch Library on Friday 23 April.

New sonnets, written and performed by students from Hackney Community Colllege, will be complemented with Shakespearean sonnets and speeches by the Tower Theatre Company at the popular borough library in Hoxton.

The students are a small group of enthusiastic young people that represent the borough’s vibrant diversity. They have worked closely with Hackney Libraries’ reader development team and present an alternative picture of modern English identity through their work.

They will be supported by the Tower Theatre Company, London s biggest amateur company and new owners of the space that is on the site of Shakespeare’s Shoreditch Theatre, who will read old Shakespearean sonnets and speeches.

Kim Wright, Hackney Council’s Director for Community Services, said:

“This is a wonderful celebration of one of the nation’s illustrious poets on a day that marks national pride. It is also an great opportunity to visit one of Hackney’s libraries and access the wide range of resources that are available to local people throughout the year.”

Other highlights of the event include an exhibition of Shoreditch Theatre and Shakespearean history, and a book promotion with books that take a broad and light-hearted look at Englishness and identity.


Friday 23 April 2010, 2pm, New and old Sonnets for Shakespeare’s birthday at Shoreditch Library, 80 Hoxton Street, N1 6LP. Info call 020 8356 4350 or email:

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