Natural Gas system energises Clissold Leisure Centre

Clissold Leisure Centre has become the first leisure centre in Hackney to install an innovative energy saving system expected to reduce carbon emissions by over 100 tonnes each year.

The Combined Heat & Power Unit (CHP) uses natural gas to generate electricity on site for the leisure centre to use. The energy generated from the unit will be used to heat the swimming pools and the building whilst reducing carbon emissions and creating expected savings of up to £15,000 per year on rising electricity costs.

The installation is in addition to other investments made across other Hackney Leisure Centres to save on energy, including use of pool covers at Clissold and Kings Hall, an upgrade of the Plant at Britannia and further building management system works at Clissold Leisure Centre.

Councillor Sophie Linden, lead cabinet member for Sustainability said: “The Council is working hard to ensure that we operate all our buildings; from offices and libraries to leisure centres, using innovative and sustainable methods.”

Charitable social enterprise GLL, which manages leisure centres in Hackney on behalf of Hackney Council is in the top 10% of UK companies striving to cut carbon emissions according to the government, which published its Carbon Reduction Commitment Performance League table in November.

Over 2,000 organisations including major supermarkets, retailers, restaurant chains, government departments, hospitals and councils are among the organisations ranked in the first CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Performance League Table according to what they have done to measure energy use.

In 2010 GLL achieved the Carbon Trust Standard, this combined with a comprehensive programme of smart metering implemented at a number of GLL’s largest gas consumer centres as well as all electricity supplies, has pushed GLL to the top of the rankings.

The table assesses organisations on the steps they have taken to install smart meters and comply with Carbon Trust, or equivalent accreditation scheme, which identifies an organisation’s success in reducing carbon emissions over a three-year period.

The footprint report data forms a baseline for future years, which will also show overall carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, annual emissions savings and progress on energy efficiency.

Jeremy Gould, Energy and Environment Manager at GLL said, “Ranking in the top 10% of the league table is fantastic recognition of the hard work that has gone into developing a framework for reducing carbon emissions.

“In 2007 we launched GLL Green, our strategy for carbon reduction, ensuring that we operate in the most environmentally friendly way possible. As part of this we offer environmental awareness training to all staff and have invested in energy and carbon saving technologies including pool covers, variable speed drives, high efficiency lighting and improved plant efficiency.”