Mayor of Hackney's statement on the refugee crisis

The Mayor of Hackney has released a statement explaining how Hackney, along with boroughs across London, is preparing to help refugees fleeing Syria.

The terrible scenes being reported from across Europe have moved many people here in the UK to demand that the Government should be doing more. Yesterday, on behalf of London Councils, I made it clear that boroughs across London are standing ready to help should the Government change its mind on the number of refugees it will allow to enter the country.

Here in Hackney there is a strong history of offering help and support to refugees, such as in the 1970s when the borough became home to hundreds of Vietnamese refugees. We want to stand up and help again. We're already supporting a number of unaccompanied children and young people who have arrived here over past weeks and months, and are planning for greater numbers should the Government allow more refugees to enter, in particular how we might be able to source accommodation. One thing is clear, central government needs to step up as local government has done and commit funding to allow us to help these families in desperate need.
Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney