Mayor confirms changes to Cabinet portfolios

Hackney Town Hall

The Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville, has confirmed some changes to the portfolios of Hackney’s Cabinet Members.

Mayor Glanville said: “The changes to Cabinet roles and responsibilities formalise some of the extra duties members have taken on over the last year and bring together the services and areas of work that are delivering on some of our key manifesto pledges.

“Air quality, transport and environmental sustainability are among my top priorities, so it makes sense for these to all sit together under one portfolio, led by Cllr Burke, while parks and leisure are fundamental to our ambitions around public health and our preventative approach to adult social care, led by Deputy Mayor Demirci.

“I’d like to thank Cllr Demirci for her work on the public realm and transport portfolio, which she has held since 2010. Over the last nine years she has worked tirelessly to reclaim Hackney’s roads for pedestrians and cyclists, making our borough a safer and greener place for the people who live here. Our groundbreaking schemes, including School Streets, Play Streets and traffic filtering are being replicated across the country, and I know Cllr Burke is looking forward to continuing this legacy.

“The formal inclusion of food poverty in Cllr Kennedy’s portfolio reflects our focus on this vital piece of work. Cllr Nicholson’s work on inclusive economy demonstrates our ongoing commitment to ensuring everyone in Hackney benefits from our growing economy. His new portfolio also includes a greater focus on our expanded cultural offer, with our amazing Hackney Museum, libraries and archive service to maxmise our impact and reach in the community.

“The refreshed portfolios will equip us to continue making progress against the manifesto I was elected on in 2018.”

Updated Cabinet portfolios




Philip Glanville


  • Property

  • ICT

  • Strategic Communications and Consultations (with support from the Cabinet Member for Families, Early Years and Play)

  • Strategic Housing

  • Housing Regeneration

  • Devolution and Policy [with support from the Cabinet member for Community Safety, Policy, and the Voluntary Sector]

  • Private Sector Housing and housing affordability [supported by a Mayoral Adviser as outlined below]

Cllr Anntoinette Bramble

Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Education, Young People and Children’s Social Care

  • Statutory Deputy Mayor

  • Ethical governance and chair of standards committee

  • Democratic and electoral services

  • Legal services

  • Hackney Education and Schools (Hackney Learning Trust)

  • Children's social care

  • Looked after children and fostering

  • Troubled families [with the Cabinet Member for Families, Early Years and Play]

  • Young Black Men Project

  • Young Hackney

  • Young Speakers and Youth Parliament

  • Mayor’s Fair Futures Commission [with Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Policy, and the Voluntary Sector]

  • Making Hackney ‘A Child Friendly Borough’ [with the Cabinet Member for Families, Early Years and Play]


Cllr Feryal Demirci

Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Health, Social Care, Leisure and Parks

  • Adult Social Care

  • Older People Strategy

  • Supporting People

  • Health and Wellbeing Board

  • Public Health and the relationship with the wider NHS

  • Health devolution and integrated commissioning

  • Mental Health

  • Leisure and sport

Cllr Caroline Selman

Community Safety, Policy, and the Voluntary Sector

  • Strategic relationship with the police

  • Crime reduction and antisocial behaviour

  • Integrated Gangs Unit

  • Noise nuisance

  • Environmental Health and Trading Standards

  • Licensing enforcement

  • Licensing policy [working with Chair of Licensing]

  • Youth Justice

  • Environmental Protection

  • Emergency Planning

  • Strategic relationship with the voluntary sector, including voluntary sector grants

  • Policy, strategy and devolution [working with the Mayor]

  • Refugees and vulnerable migrants

  • Mayor’s Fair Futures Commission [with Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Education, Young People and Children’s Social Care]

Cllr Chris Kennedy

Families, Early Years and Play

  • Early years

  • Children's centres and nurseries

  • Child Minding

  • Special Educational Needs and alternative settings

  • Tackling child poverty

  • Food Justice including Food Poverty

  • Play and adventure playgrounds

  • Play Streets

  • Waterways and boaters

  • Communications and Consultations

  • Making Hackney ‘A Child Friendly Borough’ [with Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Education, Young People and Children’s Social Care]

  • Troubled Families [with Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Education, Young People and Children’s Social Care]


Cllr Guy Nicholson

Planning, Culture and Inclusive Economy

  • Planning – performance and policy

  • Economic Development

  • Strategic infrastructure development [inc. economic regeneration – the latter with Cabinet member Energy, Sustainability, Transport and Waste]

  • Impact of Brexit

  • Town Centres

  • Olympics legacy

  • Markets

  • Building Control

  • Culture

  • Hackney Museum and archives

  • Libraries and library services

Cllr Rebecca Rennison

Finance and Housing Needs

  • Housing needs (inc. lettings and allocations policy)

  • Rough sleeping

  • Homelessness and temporary accommodation

  • Advice services (particularly housing options / homelessness related)

  • Domestic violence and abuse

  • Revenues and benefits

  • Insourcing

  • Audit & Procurement

  • Pensions

  • Customer services and complaints

  • Registrars

Cllr Clayeon McKenzie

Housing Services

  • Housing Management / Services

  • Housing Service Transformation and Improvement

  • HRA business plan and strategic Asset Management Plan

  • Better Homes Partnership

  • Fire and resident safety

  • TMO Champion

  • Travellers

  • Maintaining strong relations with the tenants and residents movement

Cllr Jon Burke

Energy, Waste,

Transport and Public Realm

  • Energy - generation, efficiency, and procurement

  • Climate Change - including responding to the emergency, mitigation, adaptation, and public awareness

  • Corporate decarbonisation

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Waste services and waste prevention

  • Recycling

  • The circular economy

  • Street and estate cleansing

  • Clean air and tackling pollution

  • Parking control

  • Public Realm and Streetscene

  • Strategic and local transport

  • Liveable neighbourhoods

Cllr Carole Williams

Employment, Skills and Human Resources

  • Employment Strategy and Partnerships

  • Hackney Works

  • Apprenticeships

  • Supported Employment

  • Human Resources and Organisational Development

  • Relationship with the Trade Unions

  • Adult Learning and ESOL

  • Post 18 skills

  • Equalities

  • Fair Trade with the Fair Trade Champion

  • Volunteering 

Mayoral Adviser




Cllr Sem Moema


Private Renting and Housing Affordability

  • Private Sector Housing

  • Housing Affordability

  • Promoting shared ownership and other intermediate products

  • Housing Association relationships and accountability

  • Hackney’s Housing Company and Living Rent Homes

  • Older People’s housing