Marshes preparation for Hackney Weekend set to begin

The famous Hackney Marshes is preparing for its busiest summer with Hackney Council and Radio 1’s biggest ever event topping the bill. Full details about the preparation of the Marshes have been revealed today.

Site development begins on Saturday 9 June for the Hackney Weekend which will see 100,000 ticket holders making their way to and from the Marshes over the weekend of 23/24 June.

Cllr Jonathan McShane Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care & Culture said:

“The Olympic Games present a once in a lifetime opportunity for Hackney and the Marshes is the ideal venue for these major Games time experiences.”

“We’ve been working with Radio 1 to make the Hackney Weekend our biggest and best ever event. With top musical talent, the best event production available and a local audience, Hackney is in for a real treat this summer.

“We’ve developed the event so that disruption is minimised during the preparation of the site and during the event itself. Every effort has been made to keep the Marshes accessible and whilst there will be some restrictions the Marshes will remain open for all but four days in June."

Restrictions to access are being put in place so the site can be built as quickly and as safely as possible. The following restrictions will apply:

- Access to the marshes will be reduced from Saturday 9 June to Friday 6 July
Public access will remain open via Homerton Road and via four bridges – Cow, Daubeney, Marshgate and Friends

- The inner pathway running along the Lea River from Friends Bridge to Homerton Road will be closed for the whole period to maintain a safe construction zone

- The canal path from the Lea Bridge Road to White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, will be closed between 22 June and 25 June

- Complete closure will last four days from 22-25 June

The event has been developed with sound engineers and noise pollution specialists to minimise the impact of noise on local residents as much as possible. A sound check is planned for the event on Friday 22 June and over the weekend music will stop by 11pm on Saturday and by 10.30 on Sunday.

Hackney Marshes will also host the Scipmylo Festival, a 17-day series of events running from 27 July 27 to 12 August which will offer food, art, music, theatre and comedy, as well as a free sport zone and big screen.

The Marshes will be accessible during the development of the Scipmylo site and through the festival itself, although some events will be ticketed.

A map of the Hackney weekend site is available here -

For information about Scipmylo events visit -