Hackney Council,

Make No Smoking Day 2022 the year you quit smoking for good

March 9 is National No Smoking Day 2022, an annual day of awareness that takes place on the second Wednesday of March. 

This year, Hackney Council is working with SmokeFree City and Hackney to encourage residents to quit smoking and become a proud quitter for national No Smoking Day.

From free advice to organising Nicotine replacement therapy there are a range of services available to anyone who would like to quit. 

Cllr Chris Kennedy, Cabinet Member for Health, Adult Social Care and Leisure

We have an excellent stop smoking service to help people who want to give up smoking. I know, from many failed attempts before I finally quit 20 years ago, this can be very difficult but our specialist advisors who offer 1-2-1 support in locations across the borough can make it easier.  You are three times more likely to stop if you have some form of help.

Quitting smoking will not only benefit people's health, it has a positive effect on their environment and quality of life and will help to prevent serious health conditions. The Council and our health partners are fully committed to providing the best services to ensure Hackney is a healthier place for everyone.

Cllr Chris Kennedy, Cabinet Member for Health, Adult Social Care and Leisure

Hackney resident Chase Burton, who had been a long-term smoker, took advantage of local services and was able to quit for good in 2021 after trying to quit several times before. 

He said: “My average had been 10 per day, sometimes a few more, and I enjoyed it. You know it’s bad for you and that it can kill you, but nicotine makes you feel damn good!”

Chase had cut down to smoking around 4-5 cigarettes a day when he got in touch with Smokefree City and Hackney. He said: “I just said to myself ‘enough – it’s time to stop.’  My chest was a bit tight, and I had the hacking morning cough. 

“I knew I needed help with weaning off smoking, so I wanted to use NRT and I knew the Stop Smoking service could help with that.”

Chase believes it was the nicotine mouth spray organised by his advisor at Smoke Free Hackney that helped him quit for good. 

Now he hasn’t smoked for over 6 months, Chase feels healthier both physically and mentally, he said: “My chest is much better, no more morning cough; I also stopped using marijuana at the same time and that has made a big change in me.”

His message to anyone who would like to stop smoking for good is “do it and keep trying even if you’ve tried before. I’m happy that it worked for me and I’m happy with the service. I would 100% recommend the stop smoking service to anyone who asks.” 

No Smoking Day 2022 also marks the relaunch of the Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control which Hackney Council has been a member of since 2014. Our local NHS partners, including Homerton Hospital, East London Foundation Trust, GP confederation and the City and Hackney CCG have also signed the NHS Smokefree Pledge.

In Hackney we are committed to working with our partners to support both these actions to ensure that everyone can access the help they require to quit smoking for good.

For more information and advice to quit smoking, please visit: https://smokefreecityandhackney.org/ or call freephone number 0800 0469946.