Main road traffic in Hackney 6% lower than last year

Rebuilding a greener Hackney planter in the London Fields low traffic neighbourhood

Main road traffic in Hackney is 6% lower in 2022 than it was last year, a new analysis of transport statistics in Hackney shows.

The analysis, part of an annual update carried out by the Council’s Streetscene service, shows that traffic on main roads in the borough was broadly in line with pre-pandemic levels in 2021, before decreasing by 6% through 2022.

This is lower than traffic levels across the United Kingdom, which returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2022.

The analysis also shows that bus use in Hackney remains below pre-pandemic levels as home working continues, with weekday bus use at 84% of levels seen in 2019.

Cycling rates were 18% higher in October 2022 than October 2021. 

Cllr Mete Coban MBE, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

We’re passionate about radically transforming the way we all get around, by encouraging people who can to drive less, and supporting people to walk and cycle more.

This is crucial if we’re to tackle London’s toxic air, create cleaner, safer neighbourhoods and help rebuild a greener Hackney.

It’s too early to draw firm conclusions from this data, but it’s encouraging that main road traffic is lower than it was both last year and in the year before the pandemic.

However, with over 270 million miles driven in a borough where less than a third of households own cars, traffic is still too high, and that’s why we’re working on further plans to address road traffic in the borough.

We’ll also continue to monitor traffic and air quality in the borough through our comprehensive network of 30 live traffic monitors and 150 air quality monitoring sites.

Cllr Mete Coban MBE, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

The analysis summarises traffic monitoring from a total of 48 sites in Hackney, including  data from 30 continuous counters the Council has installed on Hackney’s main roads. 

View the full traffic monitoring report

Air quality trends from 150 monitoring sites are available to view at hackney.gov.uk/air-quality.