Live in a houseboat, Traveller site, care home? You can access government energy bill help

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Residents in Hackney who weren’t eligible for the government's automatic energy bills payment scheme may be now able to access some financial support.

A £400 discount is available to those who continue to face increased energy costs but live in a non-traditional set-up, for example:  

  • mobile home
  • permanent Gypsy and Traveller site
  • park home
  • care home
  • houseboat 
  • off the electricity grid.

Apply for the pot - called the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Fund - here.

All applications must be made by the time this scheme closes on 31 May 2023.

If you need help with your application and/or you cannot apply online, you can free phone: 0808 175 3287. 

You may also be eligible for a £200 alternative fuel payment if both the following are true:

  • your household is not connected to the mains gas grid
  • you use alternative fuels as your main form of heating

You’re eligible for this payment if the main way you heat your home uses:

  • tank or bottled gas
  • liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
  • oil
  • wood
  • solid fuel.

Most homes that are eligible for this payment will get it automatically as a credit on their electricity bills from February 2023. If you think you should have got a payment but have not, contact your electricity supplier. You may not get the payment automatically if your home is either in an area which is mainly connected to the gas grid or not connected to either the gas or the electricity grid.

See here for more information and to apply.