Let’s chat about vaccines – new community conversation campaign launched

A new Hackney Council and NHS campaign will help more residents unsure about getting the Covid-19 vaccine to speak to their friends, family and healthcare professionals to make an informed decision.

The Hackney Vaccination Conversation will bring together families, community groups, volunteers and doctors for local conversations about reputable information, concerns and barriers. 

The new approach is based directly on feedback from residents – who have said they don’t want to feel forced into being vaccinated or struggle to access mainstream information or support.

A new Health Protection Engagement Team and community volunteers will instead hold regular small local sessions for people to discuss the vaccine, with a new range of information and advice available online and at local community spaces. 



 Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney

We’ve worked hard over the last 18 months to encourage people to take up the Covid-19 vaccine – with two-thirds of residents already doing so. 

But we know that there are many residents who still aren’t sure about saying yes – and this new approach will give them more opportunities to have honest and frank conversations about their concerns with their families, community leaders and medical professionals.

I’m proud that we’re investing in this community engagement programme that will reach families who might find it difficult to access mainstream information or support. While it can feel that Covid-19 is a thing of the past, it isn’t and remains a serious illness and supporting more residents in Hackney to take up the vaccine is a vital part of keeping the borough safe.

Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney

The local vaccination programme was launched by the NHS and Hackney Council in December 2020 and in this time the partnership has: 

  • Vaccinated over 185,000 Hackney residents.
  • Mobilised 2 major vaccination centres and supported 11 pharmacies to deliver vaccines in the borough.
  • Hosted 80+ pop-up vaccination clinics for residents with language or access barriers including Turkish, African, South Asian and Orthodox Jewish communities, refugees, migrants and homeless people.
  • Recruited 230+ Community Champions to help combat vaccine misinformation and share trusted vaccine information resources with their local networks.
  • Commissioned 13 community organisations to provide targeted vaccination outreach activities and events.
  • Hosted regular vaccine webinars for residents.

Over the coming weeks the Council will roll out a new engagement programme that will provide opportunities for all residents to learn more about the vaccine and to discuss their concerns and barriers to vaccination.

To find out more about the local vaccination programme visit: hackney.gov.uk/coronavirus-vaccine

If you have any questions about the Covid-19 vaccination and would like to discuss this with a local medical professional you can call the vaccine helpline on 07706 735 915, Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm.