Information following suspected cat killing incidents


The post-mortem of the cat found on 9 January has concluded that there was no foul-play involved. 

In recent weeks there have been two incidents in Hackney where it has been suspected that cats have been killed. At the end of last year the body of a mutilated cat was found on Rossington Street, E5, on 9 January a skinned cat was found in Millfields Park, E5. This latest incident has been reported as a crime.

The police are investigating the incidents and residents should be reassured that they are being taken very seriously.

Torturing or harming a cat, or any other animal, is a crime. If people see anyone deliberately harming, torturing or killing an animal, apart from doing what they can to prevent the perpetrator continuing such action, they should call:

  • Police 999 (emergency) / 101 (non-emergency)
  • RSPCA 0300 1234 999
Cllr Caroline Sellman, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Enforcement
Officers have been briefed to allow them to remain vigilant of any further potential incidents and the Council will continue to support the police in their investigations.
Cllr Caroline Sellman, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Enforcement

Tips for keeping your cat safe

Hackney Council’s volunteer Cat Protection Officer Barbara Read advises:

Make sure you keep your cat indoors between dusk and dawn and do not allow your cat direct access out of the front of your home - Cats are more vulnerable to road accidents when it is dark but also to attacks from off lead dogs and foxes – who kill kittens, elderly and sick cats and occasionally healthy cats. In recent weeks there have unfortunately been incidents in Hackney where individuals have harmed cats.

Get cats neutered from 5.5 to 6 months of age - Apart from the obvious benefit of preventing unwanted kittens and helping tackle the cat population problem, this also prevents cats from wandering. An unneutered male can have a radius of at least a mile, some say up to 6 miles, unneutered females a little less.

Get your cat microchipped - This allows for identifying your cat if they are injured and reuniting him or her with you, should they wander off and get lost.

Register your cat with a vet - get them annual health checks, keep their vaccinations up to date, and flea and worm regularly.

Consider insuring with a company that provides life cover - for those who cannot afford insurance, there are charity options including the Blue Cross van outside Hackney Town Hall each Wednesday, the PDSA, and Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

Hackney Council’s volunteer Cat Protection Officer, who also runs Feline Friends London, works to protect, rescue and rehome cats in the borough. Feline Friends are always looking for volunteers, cat fosterers and donations. Find out more on the Feline Friends London website or on their Facebook page.

Find out more about Hackney Council animal welfare services here.