Home of ASB on Downs Park Road is closed by Council and Police

87A Downs Park Road was closed down by Hackney Council and Police on March 31 2010, following neighbours reports of late night noise, car crime and suspected drug dealing.

The Operation Crackdown Team - made up of Police and the Council s special Crackdown Officers - executed a drug warrant on the March 19 2010, and on entering the house, discovered a rock of cocaine, crack pipes and cling film wraps. At the scene, two men were arrested for possession of Class A drugs.

The joint efforts by local residents, who provided anonymous witness statements, as well as support from Family Mosaic - the landlords of the property - helped the Police and the Council to get this house boarded up.

Anyone who tries to get into the property during the closure will be committing an offence and could be fined up to £5,000 or get a custodial sentence of up to six months.

Operation Crackdown is a joint initiative between Hackney Council and Hackney Police. The team works in partnership to coordinate the closure of properties where suspected drug dealing and associated anti-social behaviour is taking place.

Steve Douglas, Hackney Council s Corporate Director for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration said: "When noise and criminal activity become associated with one particular household, it can compromise safety and wreck quality of life for the rest of the neighbourhood. We are committed to tackling these kinds of problems in Hackney, together with the Police.”

A crackhouse closure order was granted by Thames Magistrates Court in order to secure 87A Downs Park Road.