Have a happy and safe Purim!

Purim, an annual Jewish festival, takes place on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 March.

The streets around Stamford Hill are therefore likely to be busier than normal as people celebrate.

Stamford Hill is a residential area and for many residents the day after Purim is a normal working day.

To make sure everyone has a safe and happy time, the Council is asking people to turn any sound systems off and keep the noise down after 10pm during this holiday period. Residents are also reminded not to drive if they have been drinking alcohol and to make sure that if flatbed trucks are used to carry people, that they are being used appropriately and legally.

Cllr Caroline Selman, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Policy, and the Voluntary Sector
Purim is a happy time for thousands of residents and it’s great to see people dressing up and having fun. We want everyone to enjoy the Purim celebrations, but at the same time to be safe in doing so. As with other celebrations, we are asking people to be considerate, keep the noise down after 10pm and make sure that you and those you are responsible for remain safe, particularly when using vehicles on the streets. Happy Purim!
Cllr Caroline Selman, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Policy, and the Voluntary Sector

When celebrating Purim this year, Hackney Council and the Metropolitan Police are respectfully asking residents to be considerate in their actions and ensure everyone stays safe.

  • There will be additional reassurance Police patrols in the area

  • Please drive and park respectfully so that vehicles can pass each other and are in compliance with relevant parking restrictions

  • Do not drink and drive

  • Please do not play loud music or sound car horns after 10pm.

  • Please keep the volume of all music to respectful levels at all times

  • If you intend using flatbed trucks to carry passengers on the back, ensure they have the required safety equipment to protect your passengers, your driving licence allows you to carry passengers in this way and that your vehicle insurance covers this usage of the trucks.

  • Road closures will not be in place so please drive considerately.