Happy 109th Birthday Irene

Hackney’s oldest resident Irene Sinclair celebrated her 109th birthday at a special party in Hackney Town Hall today.

Celebrating with family and friends, other special guests who joined in singing happy birthday to Irene included the Speaker of Hackney Cllr Soraya Adejare and Deputy Mayor Cllr Anntionette Bramble.

Irene was delighted with the celebration, she said: “This is the beginning of four birthday parties, I love parties!” Irene was also happy to share some of her wisdom saying: “My secret to a long life is an open book, it’s not a secret, eat freshly cooked food every day and walk where you need to go.”

She also had some advice for young people in Hackney: “My advice is that the older the generation, the wiser they are, you listen to them. I wouldn’t say they don’t make a little mistake, but hardly. They have lived through hard times, and good times, you should listen to your elders. But mostly, love is all, I would advise young people to spread love around. Love your neighbours.”

Born in Guyana in 1908, Irene moved to London in 1957 before settling down in Hackney in the early 1970s. It wasn’t until Irene was 96 that she found stardom as a skin care model for the brand Dove, appearing on billboards in Times Square and working with top celebrity fashion photographer Rankin.

The Speaker of Hackney, Cllr Soraya Adejare
It was a great privilege to welcome Irene to the Town Hall for her 109th Birthday, she is an inspiration to all of us, and I’m glad we could help her celebrate this special day
The Speaker of Hackney, Cllr Soraya Adejare
Irene Sinclair on her 109 birthday