Hackney walked distance of a quarter of the way round earth


Hundreds of workers in Hackney who put their best foot forward have completed the four week Walk to Work Challenge.

Staff from the Learning Trust, Hackney Council, Burberry Factory, Berger and Lauriston Primary Schools left their cars at home or got off of public transport and opted for the healthier way to get to work.

They began the challenge on Walk to Work Day, 24 April, to battle it out with businesses across Hackney to see who could record the highest number of steps.

Collectively all those who took part walked 14,314,731 steps over four weeks, equating to 7157.36 miles which is over a quarter of the way around the earth’s circumference. Health wise the competing walkers burned a total of 227,734 calories.

Hackney Council, Transport for London and Living Streets opened up the challenge this year to encourage more people to walk to work. Walkers were equipped with pedometers and charts to record the number of steps they took each day, with prizes up for grabs for those who walked the most. Prizes were awarded to the individual and team that walked the most number of steps.

Individual prize winner
First prize
•Rafal Zapart from Hackney Council’s Waste Management team stepped a staggering 665,960 times won a massage and two personal training sessions with Core Health and Fitness.
•Grainne from Berger Primary school walked 555,771 steps
•Mary Anna Wright from Hackney Council walked 326,616 steps
•Krisia Okon from the Learning Trust walked 274,337

Team prize winners:
First prize
•Berger Primary School walked 7,429,776 steps and won a healthy lunch for their team

•Burberry walked 2,587,106
•Hackney Council’s Media and External Relations Team walked 1,843,274
•Hackney Council’s Waste Management Team walked 1,460,730
•Learning Trust walked 993,845

Councillor Alan Laing, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “Walking as part of our daily journeys, or even once a week, brings great benefits for individuals and for Hackney as a whole.

“Walking is a great way to get fit and healthy, it’s free, and it’s good for the environment. By leaving the car at home and walking instead, you can help reduce carbon emissions; every half a mile you walk saves around 0.14kg of carbon dioxide.”

Sustainable transport is a priority for the Council. Building walking into daily journeys is one way of improving health, congestion on the borough’s roads and emissions. Numerous studies have shown the health benefits of walking, from losing weight to lowering blood pressure, increasing bone density and enhancing mental well-being.

Hackney Council can help organisations in the borough to work towards encouraging healthier lifestyles and a more productive workforce by developing workplace travel plans.

To plan your walk to work visit: or

To take part in organised walks contact Walking Together Coordinator, Surbjit Mahey on 020 8820 7397, or email

Find out more about the annual walk challenge at / or contact: Louisa Clarke on 020 8356 8189 or