Hackney support for real nappies

Mapledene and Queensbridge Children’s Centre warmly welcomed the first Nappuccino of the academic year on 30 September, after the monthly real nappy events moved from Hackney City Farm, where they have had a successful run.

The new venue for the free coffee morning and advice events on Mapledene Road, E8, continues to provide parents and carers the opportunity for to find out all they need to know about real nappies, plus how they can get a £54.15 voucher towards their cost redeem it all under the same roof.

Using real nappies is quick and easy and can save parents up to £1,200 by the time a baby is potty trained.

Since the monthly Nappuccino events started in autumn 2009, more than 300 parents and carers have attended for information and advice about using real nappies that is provided in a sociable environment.

Events are organised by the Hackney Real Nappy Network in partnership with the Council’s Recycling Team and local not-for-profit enterprise Nappy Ever After.

To find out more about real nappies, and how every parent or carer in Hackney can obtain a voucher towards the cost of purchasing them, why not come along to the next free Nappuccino event on Friday 21 Octiober, 10am to 12pm at the Mapledene and Queensbridge Children’s Centre, E8 3LE?

To register contact Leo on 020 8356 7930 or email:

For more information visit: