Hackney Markets bin single-use plastic bags for good!


Hackney is encouraging residents to bring their own reusable bag when shopping at Hackney Markets.

From Sunday 1 October single-use plastic bags will no longer be available at markets across the borough as part of the Council’s commitment to reduce plastic waste.

To support this transition, Hackney Council will be partnering up with sustainable advertisers Raze to offer free, eco-friendly paper alternatives to residents at Broadway Market on Sunday 1 October. Each bag can connect to the Raze app via uniquely printed QR codes which incentivises shoppers to reuse them in return for rewards. 

Hackney is also urging residents to make it a habit to bring their own reusable bags. I Love Hackney tote bags are available for £3.50 at the Hackney Museum gift shop located on the ground floor of Technology Learning Centre (1 Reading Lane, E8). 

Hackney has always been at the forefront of sustainability efforts. The decision to phase out single-use plastic bags aligns with the Council's commitment to reduce plastic waste and create a greener borough. For the last few months we have been working closely with local traders to end the supply of single use plastic bags. Now our message is to residents to do your bit and bring your own bag!

Cllr Susan Fajana-Thomas OBE, Cabinet Member with responsibility for markets

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Hackney Council. Our mission at Raze has always been to harness the power of advertising for the greater good. Our initiative with Hackney Council exemplifies the transformative potential of how Raze can help to address societal challenges, such as single-use plastics and over-consumption of products that harm the environment. With the backing of visionary London Councils, we look forward to scaling our initiative and making a tangible difference in the coming years.

Charlie Ayres, Co-founder of Raze

The removal of single-use plastic bags at Hackney Markets coincides with the government’s introduction of a ban on a range of single-use plastics across England from 1 October.

The nation-wide ban includes plastic plates, trays, bowls, cutlery, balloon sticks, and certain types of polystyrene cups and food containers. Residents will be unable to buy these products from any business, including retailers, takeaways and food vendors. The sale of uncooked meat including fish and poultry products is exempt from the ban in order to reduce any leakage or contamination.


Raze Bags are strong, water-resistant, eco-friendly, carbon-neutral. They will be provided to market traders and customers free of charge in Broadway Market on Sunday 1 October to help transition from single-use plastic bags to eco-friendly alternatives. 

Local businesses and advertisers interested in taking part in advertising on the Raze eco-friendly bags should email hello@raze-app.com