Hackney launches its first ever Citizens’ Climate Jury

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This week, 4,000 randomly selected households have been invited to register their interest in joining Hackney’s first ever Citizens’ Climate Jury.

A group of 15 people from different backgrounds, who are broadly reflective of the borough’s population, will be selected by lottery to take part in the jury. It’s an opportunity for residents to have a say in shaping the borough’s response to climate change. 

Participants will hear evidence, discuss climate issues and make a series of recommendations on what action should be taken. 

With heatwaves set to become more severe with climate change, the group will explore how Hackney Council can prepare for very hot weather in a way that protects residents who are most affected and most vulnerable.

Participants will hear from a range of speakers, including people with lived experience of heatwaves in Hackney, policy specialists and academics. They will learn about who is most impacted and what steps the council and others can take to prepare for extreme heat. No prior knowledge about climate change is required in order to take part.

The Citizens’ Climate Jury is a commitment in Hackney’s Climate Action Plan, which sets out how the borough will end its contribution to climate change in a way that is equitable and inclusive. At the end of the process, the Citizens’ Climate Jury will make recommendations which will inform how the borough prepares for extreme heat to ensure residents can adapt to the impact of climate change. 

Sessions will take place over four Tuesday evenings during April and May at Hackney Town Hall. To make the event as accessible as possible, participants will receive £180 for taking part. 

Involve, the UK’s leading public participation charity, who develop, support and campaign for new ways to involve people in decisions that affect their lives, have been commissioned by Hackney Council to run the sessions. 

Stephanie Draper, Director of Innovation and Practice at Involve said, 

“Our response to climate change needs to work for everyone. Putting people at the heart of decisions and giving them the information and space to discuss local issues with a range of different people is critical to creating a response that is effective, fair and equitable. We’re excited to partner with Hackney to deliver this Citizens’ Climate Jury on the important topic of protecting local communities in the face of extreme heat.”

Sortition Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in selecting people by lottery, will recruit the participants in a way that is broadly reflective of Hackney’s population.

Cllr Mete Coban MBE, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Environment and Transport

A key part of our climate action plan is making sure that we hear representative voices from the community.

That’s what this Citizen’s Climate Jury is all about and will help us hear and respond to residents’ experiences as we create a greener, healthier Hackney.

Cllr Mete Coban MBE, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Environment and Transport

Households who have received a letter invitation can register their interest in taking part before Sunday 3 March. Everyone aged 16 and over who lives at the address can apply. Participants will then be selected by lottery.